Design and Build

Whether you’re moving into your own premises for the first time or establishing a flagship workspace we can help you achieve the very best in commercial interior design, on time and within budget. Saria Projects is dedicated to provide the best solutions for space efficiency and practicability adapted to our clients’ needs and requirements.

We support our clients closely throughout the whole process starting from design and concept to turnkey.

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Designed with passion. Delivered on time. We’re committed to quality, style, and creativity and we deliver this via fixed price contracts, and a unique top-down project management approach.

With us, what you see is what you get. Many companies will show you a flash design, but go on to deliver something inferior. We never have. Working in unison with our in-house furniture team ensures every furnishing and fitting from the visual is what you get.

We’ll also produce technical working drawings to cover mechanical aspects that our contracts team will build to.

But first things first. Get in touch to tell us about your dream office, and we’ll help you bring it to life.


Realizing your vision.

You have a vision. We’ve got a program. Let’s get to work. Once you give the green light, the site will become a hub of activity. Builders, designers, and furniture specialists will descend, making sure they start as they mean to continue.

Throughout the process, you’ll be invited to weekly site visits – but you’re welcome to ‘visit as often as you like. It’s completely up to you. SPC will even become the point of contact for the landlord and local planning authority, who also like to pay visits to ensure everything is going according to plan.

We find that your employees also love getting a glimpse of their new workspace, but we understand you might want to wait for the official unveiling when you’ll be joined by the SPC team.

Workplace Strategy

Office space with room to breathe.

Do you have meeting rooms in the noisiest parts of your office, sofas that nobody sits on, or colleagues that you’re always on the office phone too? Saria Projects could help you plan your office to give spaces purpose, and connect the teams who need to communicate most.

Based on a deep understanding of how employees interact with their environments, SPC can unlock the potential in your office with careful consultation and delivery that comes in on time and on budget.

We can also offer bespoke furniture at realistic prices through our in-house furniture specialists, Tribe. So you can be sure your office is not only efficient but uniquely so.

Refresh your office with Saria Projects Refurbishment.

Could your office benefit from a refurbishment? For tenants, it’s a great opportunity to revitalize a working environment and reinvigorate employees. Extending far beyond a lick of paint, SPC refurbishment can re-imagine how your space is used, creating a new meeting and recreational spaces, while also giving clients something to remember.

For landlords, SPC refurbishment can safeguard your investment by ensuring your property is somewhere people enjoy spending time in. Whether you want to create offices that are ready to move in to or lay out a template which tenants can adapt to suit their needs, SPC refurbishment is guaranteed to come in on-time and on-budget. We also specialize in in-suit refurbishments, allowing you to manage lease re-gearing and refurbishing sites with multiple tenants.

If, like us, you think this is how every office fit-out should be, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.